Helen Harper gives comfort and care for mothers and their babies. The products are manufactured on modern equipment, in accordance with international quality standards. Natural materials, environmental friendliness and the unique needs of consumers - prominent advantages goods Helen Harper.

For children

Products for childcare from Helen Harper specially designed to protect delicate baby's skin and keep it clean in the first years of life. Soft baby diapers have improved absorbing capabilities and protect baby's delicate skin from chafing.

  • Supersorbents provides
    rapid absorption
    and fluid retention.
  • Airtight outer
    layer retains a comfortable
    microclimate for the baby.
  • Extract of aloe vera
    protects baby's skin
    from irritation.
For women

Helen Harper offers a wide range of hygiene products for women, designed to give a feeling of comfort and protection in everyday life. All of the products for women, Helen Harper made from carefully selected materials, including innovative solutions for reliability and ease of use.

  • Absorbent core
    «Premium airlaid»
    full of superabsorbent SAP.
  • Perforated outer layer
    that provides a sensation
    of dryness throughout the day.
  • The sticky tape
    for disposal after use.