Thin pads for critical days with "reticulum" surface (unique topsheet funnel with the smallest pores, which helps quickly conduct the liquid into the pads and keep it there, even under pressure), whereby the gasket remains dry. More and more girls and women today prefer comfortable ultra-thin strips created using new technologies.

1. Helen Harper Wings Ultra Top Dry provides better protection than any other pads;

2. At a thickness of about 3 mm, they protect 4 times better than conventional popular gasket thickness;

3. In contrast to conventional pads, which consist of cellulose fibers, in Helen Harper Wings Ultra Top Dry Super there is an unique absorbent system containing granules. Quickly absorb liquid, granules are converted into a gel and delay the liquid in the gasket.

4. One pad is able to absorb the volume of liquid corresponding to the volume secretions in the most intense day cycle.

Name Quantity
Helen Harper Wings Ultra Top Dry Normal 10
Helen Harper Wings Ultra Top Dry Super 8

Have a unique superabsorbent
More imperceptible than the usual pads, and very comfortable to use
Unique "silk" wings with delicate patterns provide protection at the edges