Helen Harper Baby – ultra-soft and slim diapers with 3-channel absorption system. It provide maximum comfort and protection for the baby. Advantages of technology:

1. Channels without villi and absorbent polymer form a "low resistance" region for fluid flow. As a result, it is better and faster distributed and accelerates absorption.

2. Channels have a unique U-shaped shape, which contributes to the additional distribution of moisture on the back of the diaper.

3. The anatomical form provides maximum comfort in a state of rest and during periods of activity.

4. The upper layer of the diaper "breathes" and gives the young freshness and comfort.

5. The diaper has multiple Velcro and superelastic sidewalls, which do not compress and do not hamper motions;

6. Helen Harper Baby does not contain flavors and fully adapted to the Ukrainian consumer, confirming the results of relevant research.





Number of packages

Helen Harper Baby

Newborn (1)

(2-5 kg.)


Helen Harper Baby

Mini (2)

(3-6 kg.)


Helen Harper Baby

Midi (3)

(4-9 kg.)


Helen Harper Baby

Maxi (4)

(7-18 kg.)


Helen Harper Baby

Junior (5)

(11-25 kg.)




- 3-channel absorption system

- The "breathing" surface perfectly supports the natural circulation of air

- Overlapping sidewalls and multiple Velcro

Innovative absorption system
Breathable layer perfectly supports natural air circulation
Superelastic side covers and reusable stickies