Ontex combines creativity, technologies and understanding of consumers needs.
Ontex gives big consideration of researches and new products development. R&D Technical Centers are located at each of basic manufacturing centers, as well as at company’s headquarters in Zele. All of manufacturing departments have own laboratorial equipment for the quality control quality, which helps to satisfy in product’s compliance with all requirements and international standards before shipping.

R&D at ONTEX is where the ideas are developed into new concepts and new unique products. Ontex has 3 global R&D centers located in Belgium and Germany.

Ontex has also created the community of talented experts – company’s employees – from all over the world to provide a steady flow of ideas, innovations and continuous improvements in comfort, fit and performance in all our products.

Owing to highly efficient work of marketing department and its solid links with R&D, consumer insights and product development go hand-in-hand.This ensures that our quality and performance matches consumers’ expectations, building loyalty to our products and brands.

Some of innovative solutions by Ontex:

Ontex Company is serious about the environmental issues and continually tries to reduce its impact on him for help:

  • Improving the quality and comfort level of other products
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Work with fluff pulp’s suppliers, working on certified forest management programs
  • Aspiration for larger number recycling industrial waste